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Activated Carbon and Prefilter Set for Air Scrubbers


These filters are for use with: IAQ PRO 500 CFM & 1000 CFM AIR SCRUBBERS.

This activated carbon filter is especially efficient at absorption of VOCs. By using high porosity and large surface area carbon surfaces, in conjunction with a pre filter, this product serves as a great way too lower VOC count, and remove any lingering smells from the air.

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Purchase this product if you’re in need of both filters for your HEPA 500 Air Scrubber. Otherwise, you can purchase the Pre-Filter and Carbon Filter separately on our website.


Typical Uses

  • Mould and Indoor Air Cleanup –
    Remove dangerous moulds and VOC’s from the air in contaminated spaces and are a vital component of decontamination.
  • Restoration and Construction –
    Used to filter out floating particles and dust, necessary for most remediation works under IICRC guidelines.
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control –
    HEPA Air Scrubbers are perfect for helping make the air safer after fires and can reduce allergy and dust reactions by removing particles from the air.
  • Clean Rooms and Server rooms –
    Used to keep floating particles to a minimum and ensure airborne contaminants are captured safely without compromising room cleanliness


Best for:

  • Smell and Odour Reduction
  • Defense against Gases and Fumes
  • Restoration and Construction
  • Allergy, Dust and Soot Control

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions39.5 × 40.0 × 2.0 cm
Air Flow Volume

500 CFM

Filter Performance

HEPA (99.97% of 0.3 micron particulates)


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