Hepa Air Scrubber Hire & Sales

Agile Air Scrubber Hire & Sales is a division of NLR Water, Fire & Mould Restoration. We are a family-owned business with head operations in business since 2002. We offer a range of different air scrubbers for a large range of different applications. All of our air cleaners are HEPA rated and can filter down to .3 microns in size.All of these units use 3 stage filtration which has 2 Hepa pre-filters and 1 Hepa primary filter. Additionally, we have a large range of different ducting which can use to create negative or positive are in your environment.They are regularly test tagged every 3 months as well as cleaned and maintained making them suitable for use on commercial sites. Our units are serviced monthly, each unit is dust particulate tested to ensure it is filtering air sufficiently.
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There are several different applications they can be used for including:

Hospital Clinical Cleaning

Great in medical practices for containment of infections and viruses.

Mould Remediation

Filtering mould spores out of the air and preventing cross-contamination while cleaning and conducting strip outs

Construction and Silica Dust

Scrubbing construction dust, silica & harmful particulates on job sites

Sewage Damage

Reduce odours and smells with carbon filter attachments

Fire Damage

Remove odours and lingering soot caused by fire and smoke damage.


It can be used to remove toxic VOC’s from devices & building materials such as flooring, paints, resins and glues

IT Data Centers

Introducing clean environments where componentry can operate efficiently

Manufacturing and Green Houses

Filter the air in industrial environments, to improve both effectiveness and safety

How to Use a Air Scrubber

In this short explainer, Glenn shows off a compact Air Scrubber unit that can be used for water damage restoration, mould remediation, dust removal, and more for both residential and commercial purposes!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please see the list of FAQ’s below. If you have any questions which has not been answered below, please contact us any time.

They are used in a variety of industries to filter airborne contaminants out of the air. They are used in medical, hospitals, vacuum cleaners, aircraft, homes and commercial properties. Hepa stands for high-efficiency particulate absorber meaning they need to remove 99.7% of particles that have a size equal to or greater than 3 microns.

This depends on the application, the size of the room and the contamination of the environment. Generally, a Hepa Air Scrubber will need to be run in the environment to ensure all contamination has been removed from the ambient air.

Our smaller units 500 CFM only use approximately 1.5 amps of power (230v). Our medium-sized unit uses approximately 5 Amps. The 2000 uses approximately 8 amps and our extra-large industrial uses 2 x 15 amp but can be wound down to 8 amps single phase if there are no 15 amp circuits available.

Our commercial-grade air scrubbers are made from quality components assembled in the USA. Our units are tested and cleaned regularly. Therefore, our units will last for several years, if not decades.


The filters inside the air scrubbers have a limited useful life. There are generally 2 filters inside the units. There is a primary filter – which is your main HEPA filter and there is a pre-filter that is designed to. The pre-filter needs to be changed regularly to ensure it is protecting the primary HEPA filter (which is expensive). The frequency of the pre-filter change is determined based on the application. For instance, many of our air scrubbers are used on mould jobs would generally be replaced several times while the job is being complete.

We replaced these when they are needed. Each of our HEPA air scrubbers has a pressure flow sensor placed inside connected to a filter replacement light. This can determine when the primary filter needs to be replaced.

Air scrubbers main limitation is that it is only effective against airborne particles. They are not effective at cleaning the source or the surfaces. It will not clean the surfaces of an HVAC system that is beyond its reach. Using an air scrubber is no guarantee that all air will be decontaminated when the job is complete. There are a lot of dead spaces where air cannot be accessed such as walls and cavities. The air in these spaces will never pass through the air scrubber.

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