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IAQ Pro Med-1 Air Purifier


This commercial air purifier unit is perfect for remediating mould and covid risk management programs for office, schools, aged cares, and large office environments.

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The IAQ Pro-Med1 commercial air purifier unit is perfect for remediating mould spores, bushfire smells, and as a tool in assisting in the covid risk management within office, schools, aged cares, and large office environments. This is one of the largest capacity and quiet active air purifiers on the market. With an airflow rating of 1000CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate), the IAQ Pro-Med1 quietly and efficiently transfers the air within a room at an extremely fast rate without disturbing people within the room. In addition the IAQ Pro-Med1 contains UVC lamps used to kill bacteria, viruses and mould spores.


Typical uses;

  • Allergy, dust and soot control, covid, and viruses
  • UVC Disinfection
  • Indoor Air Cleaning (Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants)
  • Virus Risk
  • Mould


Medical Grade Filtration

The H13 Pure HEPA filters, filter 99.97% of fine particles (as small as 0.1 microns) as well as dust particles, pet hair, wildfire smoke, cooking odours, pet odours, VOCs (Volatile Orgranic Compounds). Making these filters perfect for managing of viruses and covid 19 risks.


Perfect for large commercial areas

  • Hospital waiting rooms
  • Doctors
  • Classrooms


Superior Purification Capacity

With the filters filtering up to 4650m² in 1 hour or 2325m² in 30minutes with a 1000 CADR for extra large room coverage it can filter and exchange the air in the room quickly and efficiently. Dual air intakes and twin-turbo fans offer up to 2X4 layers of filtration through two plastic pre-filters and two multi-integrated filter sets – combining a non-woven fabrics filter, H13 Medical Grade HEPA Filter, and an activated carbon filter in one set. Combining these technologies in a small form factor making the IAQ-Pro Med1 extremely efficient and powerful for the total size of the unit


Simple Touchscreen & Remote Control Operable

Easy to use touch screen controls with a built in smart automatic mode, 4 fan speeds, 12-hour timers, sleep mode, 4 colour air quality display, automatic on and off, and a child lock. Allows the unit to be user friendly and easy to use for anyone.


Smart Auto Mode & Quiet Operation 

The smart air purifier will adjust its fan speed automatically based on the air quality within the room, using built in automatic smart mode. Quiet enough to even sleep with, reading as low as 35dB on the lowest setting, the IAQ-Pro Med1 is perfect for the bedroom, living room, office, classrooms etc.

The replaceable filter lasts around 2500hours or about 3-4months



  • Smart panel, Fashion LED Lights
  • Air Quality, Internal Air Quality Monitor
  • Four speed, adjusts based on internal air quality
  • High-performance plasma, forest air quality
  • Sleep mode, ultra-low mute
  • Intelligent timing, 1.8 hours timing
  • Kids lock, make parents more reassured
  • Auto Control

Additional information

Weight19.5 kg
Dimensions40.0 × 40.0 × 75.0 cm

400mm x 400mm x 750mm



Air Flow

1000m³/H, 500CFM

Item Model

IAQPro Med1


Air Purifier

Optional Colour



85W – 102W

Voltage / Frequency


Air Flow (CADR)


Motor Type


Negative Ion

8,000,000 PCS/CM3

Applicable Area


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Product Size


Carton SIze



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