Are HEPA filters effective against Covid-19?

While the country begins to open up again, it is important to start implementing covid management strategies, to ensure business, study, and community goes unimpeded. A great way to reduce covid outbreak risk is to implement HEPA air filtration to spaces to reduce chances of COVID transmission.

What is HEPA air filtration?

HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a standard of which a HEPA filter can remove contaminants or pollutants from the air. The HEPA standard outlines that it must remove 99.97% of contaminants 0.3 microns or above. Typical cornavirus is about 0.1 microns in size, which makes it smaller than the 0.3 microns of the HEPA filter. However studies have shown that the virus can still be trapped by the filter as the virus does not move in straight lines, and thus more likely to come into contact with the filter.

What size HEPA Filter do I need?

That being said, HEPA air filters can only filter the air that passes through the machine. That is why it is important to make sure that the HEPA filtration unit you use can service all the air in the particular room that it is occupying at a satisfactory level.


Check out our video on The amount of HEPA filtration units needed for restoration.

Effectiveness can be measured by the unit’s CADR rating (clean air delivery rate). This describes the unit’s ability to deliver a certain amount of clean air, either in cubic feet per minute or cubic meters per hour.

Another rating used while considering what size of unit you need is the amount of air exchanges needed in the room that will meet the requirements you have. An air exchange describes the process of the total amount of air in the room being replaced/filtered. The more exchanges per hour, the higher the amount of transmission prevention.

While there are no official requirements from the government on the amount of CADR or air exchanges required for a given space for covid transmission prevention, you may have requirements outlined by the governing body, such as your employer or applicable union.

For reference, HEPAs for use in mould remediation, and fire smoke abatement, the IICRC recommends 4 air exchanges per hour to properly protect people within the area.

Another aspect to consider is the amount of noise the unit generates in operation. If the unit is to be used within an environment where lower noise levels are required, such as a classroom or library, you will need to take in consideration its sound rating.


Does UV light help with Covid-19?


UV light can act as a sufficient steriliser for virus, however the unit will need to have the air pass the uv light closely for it to effectively inactivate the virus. However for its safest use, the UV light will have to be inside the HEPA filtration unit. UV light used in conjunction with HEPA filtration will increase the rate of covid transmission prevention.


HEPA filtration limitations


It should be noted that HEPA air filtration cannot draw covid 19 from infected surfaces, or from people themselves. It is only useful in regards to airborne particles. Given this, it is important to still continue best transmission precautions such as social distancing and surface disinfection. HEPA filtration should not be used as a replacement for these measures, but can definitely be used in conjunction with them.

HEPA Air Purifier Hire

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